About Us

Our Mission

We at Vanguard Security Group have created the company with three things in mind: Hometown Monitoring, Advanced Technology and Outstanding Customer Service. Our combined 50+ years of experience in security and alarm monitoring sets us apart from other companies and gives us greater insight into your security needs, as well as the technology available to create your ultimate security system. We Strive to offer the best home and business security services in Amarillo and the surrounding areas and specialize in security camera systems from the most basic to the most advanced.

The Avant-garde of:

  1. Hometown Monitoring
  2. Amazing Customer Service
  3. Security Technology

What does that mean?

It means in the field of security we are...

  1. Leaders
  2. Innovators
  3. Trend setters
  4. Purveyors of Advanced Technology

You need it, we'll get it done.

How do we accomplish this?

We do this through experience, and understanding, to provide the professional service our customers deserve. We invest in training, research, development, and above all personal growth. Why? Because Vanguard Security Group cares about our clients and was founded on the belief that there is NO substitute for customer service that goes above and beyond to meet the consumer's need. Don't believe us? Ask our clientele.


We at Vanguard Security Group understand the frustration of having to deal with machines and companies that don't place the needs of the customer before the needs of themselves. We're a corporation who's dedication to security is rivaled only by our customer service and desire to provide a safe, secure environment for you to live your life.

We've been working in security for almost 30 years and the customers we've provided for remember us time and time again for their security needs. As a company we take innovation to a whole new level and it starts with YOU the customer.


As of 2016 we've made it our priority to provide new and exciting technology for all your home and business security needs, and establish ourselves as a top provider for your consumer services. We'll give you an outstanding customer service that no other large scale company can provide by putting a personal touch on all service; This means no more endless computer programs delegating your actions on the phone or computer. You shouldn't be expected to speak to a machine for everything. Your hometown monitoring should be left to the people you can trust for fast, efficient response.