Vanguard Security Group Personal Emergency Response Systems


Vanguard Security Group - Personal Emergency Response Systems - HELP IS ON THE WAY!

It's not always possible to be with the ones we love when they are in need. Each person has their own life to live and choices to make, and sometimes this means being away from those who may need our help. No one wants to leave a person they cherish alone with no one by their side should an emergency arise; but with a personal emergency response system (PERS), help can be within reach and our loved ones can call for help when needed. Assistance is just a button press away to help ensure an accident doesn't become a disaster.

Take the edge off knowing there is no longer a need to worry about loved ones not being able to go out and enjoy their life. A personal emergency response system gives freedom back to those who would stay home forever to avoid a tragedy. With the PER system by their side in the event of an emergency a response signal will be sent out to the local emergency response call center, allowing for quick 911 dispatch. This means even if you don't know where help is needed 911 will. So take back the freedom for you or someone you love knowing help is never far away.